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In Lexzur, managing hearings is a streamlined process with multiple options for adding and tracking crucial information.

To initiate a new hearing, users can effortlessly utilize the "Create" button or navigate to the litigation cases stages and activities.


Learn more about how to add new hearing here.

All hearings are neatly organized in a dedicated hearing grid under matters, providing easy access to details, search functionalities, and the addition of new hearings.

You can search for hearings, or use the quick filters on the top. Click on All Filters to open the filters list

Users can filter their search using various criteria such as assignee name and hearing date, with the option to save filters for future use.

Additionally, users can export the results to Excel if needed. 

The saved filters will be then accessed directly from the drop-down list on the top left.

At the individual hearing level, the three dots options offer direct editing, cloning, adding related expenses, and more, enhancing the overall efficiency of managing hearings.

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