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In LEXZUR, you can add hearings seamlessly via different methods.

To create a new hearing, users can effortlessly use the "Create" button in the navigation menu:

Also, hearings can be added under the litigation Stages & Activities.

Here, you have the flexibility to manage the stages a case goes through and add related hearings under each stage or separately.

Hearings will be listed and tracked under the stages of the litigation case. Clicking on the hearing section reveals the list of hearings related to the selected stage.

Under the Common section, you can add hearings that are separate and not related to any stage

To add a new hearing, click on the Actions button -> Add Hearing, or from the "+" button under the Hearings section within each stage

You must fill out some fields such as the related case name, hearing date and time, and hearing type. Users can also add a custom hearing type if not found in the predefined list. Lawyers can also attach related files if necessary.

Additional details, include specifying the stage, assigning lawyers to attend the hearing, and recording time spent. 

The time spent will be reflected in the related time logs of the case.

Lawyers can also add their comments before the hearing, and summaries after attending. 

Once done, an event will be created automatically on the calendar and a reminder for the attendees of the hearing.

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