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  • How to Add Adjustments on Invoices



Adjustments are amounts or percentages that could be added to the invoices' total amount.

You must first enable this feature from the Billing Settings, therefore from the main menu click Billing→ Advanced→ Settings

Within the Invoices Section click Adjustment in Invoices. 

Adjustments could be enabled at the invoice level Before Tax or After Tax. Also, could be enabled to services and time logs after tax or apply to services and time logs before tax

And it should be linked to an Income Account.

Learn more about how to create accounts here.

You can now use this feature while creating the invoice. 

When editing your invoice, you can access the action wheel located on the right side. From there, select "Change Adjustment Level." Then, choose the desired adjustment level for the invoice you are currently working on.

At the Items level, add the percentage or the amount of adjustment needed. 

Learn more about how to Invoice your clients here.

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