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The chart of accounts in LEXZUR is where you can centralize all your accounts in the system. 

You can access it directly from the main menu, from the Billing module by simply clicking Billing→ AdvancedChart of Accounts

or from the Billing Module Menu:

Via the Tools button on the top right. you can Add an Account, and List the Clients, Suppliers, or Partners' accounts.

To Add Accounts, you must fill out the following:

  • Account Name
  • Account Type
  • Account Number
  • Currency

Account Types could be Asset, Expense, Liability, and so on.

You can directly set some Account settings such as to make it visible for all users, to the advisor portal, and on the dashboards.

This Chart of Accounts grid displays all your Account details, along with their balance.

You can from here view, edit, or delete accounts directly from the action wheel next to each account's name.

System Accounts cannot be deleted

Chart of Accounts can also be viewed from the Billing Reports page, and you can export the list to Excel for the reporting purposes

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