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  • Getting Started with LEXZUR (formerly App4Legal)

Welcome to the Getting Started User Guide for LEXZUR! 

This guide will provide you with some instructions and tips to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Here are the key topics covered:

  • Account Setup:

Learn how to create your account, set up your profile, and customize your personal preferences to tailor LEXZUR to your needs.

 Create Your LEXZUR Account       Setup your instance      Setup your billings

  • Managing Matters/Contracts:

Explore how to create and manage matters/contracts, including adding important details, tracking progress, linking documents, and managing related tasks and reminders.

Manage Corporate Matters     Manage Litigation Cases     Manage Contracts

  • Collaboration and Communication:

Discover how to collaborate with colleagues and external stakeholders, including sharing documents, assigning tasks, and using the discussion board for effective communication.

Manage Tasks     Client Portal     Advisor Portal

  • Calendar and Reminders:

Learn how to utilize the calendar feature to schedule and manage important events, set reminders, and stay organized with your legal activities and deadlines.

Sync Calendar     Automate Tasks and Reminders

  • Document Management:

Understand how to upload, organize, and securely store your legal documents, as well as track version history and access document templates.

Manage Documents     Cloud Document Management Solution

  • Reporting and Analytics:

Discover the reporting capabilities of LEXZUR, including generating custom reports, tracking key metrics, and gaining insights into your legal operations.

Reports     Dashboards

  • Integrations and Mobile Access:

Explore the available integrations with other tools and platforms, as well as how to access and use LEXZUR on your mobile device.

Add-ons & Integrations      LEXZUR Mobile App

Let's get started!

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