Discover our Apps & Integrations

Connect Lexzur products to thousands of the most popular applications to streamline, and centralize work across different platforms – no code required.


Outlook Connect

Integrate your Microsoft Outlook Email with LEXZUR to seamlessly log and track emails, threads, and attachments related to items in the core system directly from your inbox.

Google Connect

Integrate your entire Google Workspace with LEXZUR to easily send, receive, edit, and share emails and attachments, documents, sheets, and so much more.

Teams and Zoom Connect

Integrate your Microsoft Teams or Zoom account with LEXZUR to seamlessly access and collaborate on legal matters.

E-Sign with One Click

Connect your Adobe Acrobat Sign or DocuSign account to LEXZUR for the ability to e-sign legal documents and contracts without leaving the core system.

Draft, Redline, and Manage Word Documents

Easily draft, redline, design custom templates, use clause banks, and manage your documents to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and allow your legal team to concentrate on higher-value work.

Centralize and Manage Shared Documents in One Space

Integrate Seamlessly with Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, and similar solutions to centralize access to all files and documents shared, in one smart user-friendly space.

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