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  • How to Automate Tasks and Reminders


  • Automate Tasks and Reminders upon creation of Corporate Matter/ Litigation Case/ Judgment/Contracts


Task and trigger automation in LEXZUR allows you to streamline and automate tasks and reminders when certain events occur such as creating corporate matters, litigation cases or contracts, or setting judgments.

Navigate to the System Settings and choose "Tasks & Triggers Automation" from System Preferences. 

The admin can add a trigger, edit, or delete existing ones. 

In order to add a trigger, you must first select the type: set judgment, create corporate matter, create litigation case, or create/upload a new contract/document.

Define the conditions that should trigger the automation, such as the trigger types, practice areas, or other criteria. Then, specify the action you want to be performed, which could include creating a task, or reminders.

For example, The "Set Judgement" trigger type has the following mandatory fields:

  1. Practice AreaThis trigger should be assigned to a practice area 
  2. From Stage: Choose the "From" stage
  3. To Stage: The "To" stage should be selected

A task or a reminder can be added from the Add Actions. 

After selecting the task, you must select the due in (the number of days), assign the task to the user, and specify the task type and title.

After selecting the reminder, you must select the due in( the number of days), the user to remind, the reminder type, and the summary.

A trigger can contain as many actions as you need. 

Repeat this action based on your business rules within the legal team.

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