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  • How to Predefine Services Items on Invoices?


  • Add/Edit/Delete Services on Invoices


You can add or edit services for invoices from the Billing module settings. First, go to the Billing → Advanced→ Settings from the navigation menu.

From the Settings page, choose the Services within the Invoices section. This will direct you to the List of Invoice Services page.

From the List of Invoice Services page, you can edit or delete an existing service using the green edit icon or the delete icon in the Actions section.

You also have the option to add a new service simply by clicking on the Add New Invoice Service hyperlink at the top of the page.

To add a new invoice service, you have to fill in the necessary fields.

There are two mandatory fields:

  1. Service Name: specify the name of the new invoice service in English, French, or Arabic language (In our example English is the default language, and you can modify it from the Setup and Configuration in the Billing settings)
  2. Related Account: specify the related account.

The other fields are optional:

  1. Nest Service Under: specify if this service is nested under other services.
  2. Unit Price
  3. Tax
  4. Description: a short hint about the service.

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