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  • How to log an Expense from my Petty Cash?


  • Record expenses using my petty cash


To access the list of your expenses, simply click on More near the Create button, then My Expenses.

From "My Expenses", you can view the expenses related to your allowed accounts, and you can record any new Expenses from the Tools button.

You can add expenses anytime from the Create button in the main menu as well.

To create a new expense from your petty cash, fill out the mandatory fields,

  • Expense Category: the category of the expenses
  • Payment Method: how this expense is paid
  • Paid Through: the account you use for payment, here you can add your Petty Cash Account
  • Amount: the amount paid
  • Paid On: the date of the payment.

To know more about how to create Petty Cash Accounts for team members. Click here.

To know more about managing expenses, click here.

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