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Invoice Templates could be configured from the Invoices settings. Therefore, Click on Billing→ Advanced→ Settings from the main menu.

The admin will be guided to a page where he will be able to set up billing settings including the Invoices. 

From the Invoices section, click on the Invoice Templates hyperlink. Invoice templates are used in the exported form of the Invoice.

From the List of Templates Per Entity page, you can add templates from Add New Template hyperlink, customize, clone, rename, or delete the existing templates.

A default Invoice Template will be generated automatically upon sign-up or creation of a new entity.

Once you click "Add New Template", a small window will appear. Enter the template name, select the entity, and choose the Standard layout.

First, from the Properties tab, you can customize your template's layout and font.

Then, from the Header tab, you will be able to upload your logo by simply clicking on "Upload Logo " and selecting the logo of your company. 

You have the Firm's Description section also where you can add all the company information such as the registration number, address, email, and phone number. 

From the Body tab, you can customize the styles, choose the invoice Title, and select the information that you want to show on the invoice such as the matter name, invoice number, dates, and so on. 

You can also select the invoice information, append matter and invoice custom fields, and manage the line items order for expenses, time logs, bill items, and services.

Additionally, you can manage here the appearance of time logs settings, Invoice summary, and upload signatures as well.

Finally, from the Footer tab, you can show the page number and add a footer to your template. 

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