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In LEXZUR, you have convenient access to efficient time management through the Time Entries feature. This versatile tool empowers you to record time entries across different facets of your legal work, encompassing Matters, Tasks, and Contracts. The Time Module serves as your central hub for all time-related activities.

Navigating to the Time section in the navigation menu provides access to a comprehensive list of all time entries, granted you have the necessary permissions. Alternatively, you can view your personal time entries, complete with comprehensive details.

From this grid, you can track the list of time logs, and search for time logs based on advanced criteria. Searching for specific time entries is a breeze, with the advanced filter options. For example, you can get the list of time entries logged by a particular user for the last month, or based on Client name, time category, related matter, and so on.  You can even export the time entry list to Excel for detailed reporting.

You have the flexibility to record your time manually by adding detailed time logs or using the integrated timer within LEXZUR for automatic tracking.

You can create new entries directly from the Time Module, providing a visual calendar to track billable and non-billable hours efficiently.

Additionally, you can add time entries on the go using the Create button or directly from the dedicated time entries tab within Matters or Contracts.

For a seamless tracking experience, LEXZUR offers an embedded timer. Start, pause, stop, or end the timer as you work, and your tracked time will be added to the list of time entries for the corresponding Matter or Contract.

Moreover, time entries are closely integrated with the Billing Module, making it effortless to invoice clients for billable hours.

Therefore, under the Billing Module, you can also track the Time entries. 

Billable Time Logs could be included later on in client invoices.

Additionally, you can generate insightful Time Reports, including Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports.

Navigate to the Reports Module, you will find a list of predefined time entry reports that are ready to be used, such as Time Entries By Matter, Time entries KPI reports, and so on.

Lastly, you can visualize time entry data in dynamic dashboards with informative charts through the Time Entries Dashboard. 

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