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In Lexzur, you have the option to assign tasks based on predefined rules. This option will reduce the time taken to assign tasks to different users.

To do so, click on the action wheel in the navigation menu → System Settings  Task Assignment Rules under Tasks section

Assignment rules are split between two options:

  1. Specific user: This will allow you to add a user. Thus, whenever adding a task with a specific type, the user will be assigned to this task automatically.
  2. Round Robin Algorithm: This algorithm is used to divide the work equally on the assigned team. Thus, the tasks will be assigned based on the capacity of each user in the team.

The option to show/hide the assignee is available if you prefer to hide this field during task creation. This ensures that the default settings you establish here are automatically applied, preventing any changes while adding the task.

The default assignment rule generally applies to all task types. However, you can separately add different assignment rules based on specific types.

Multiple assignment rules can be added through the + icon.

Likewise, for any new assignment rule, you add, you can specify the assignment rule, whether it will be assigned to a specific user or if you will use the round-robin algorithm and you can choose to show or hide the assignee field.

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