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An Email Engine is available in Contra, Corporate Matters, Litigation cases, Intellectual Properties, and Invoices so the users will be able to send and receive emails from within the system and track all the email conversations in one place.

To send emails and attach related matter documents directly from LEXZUR:

From the Corporate Matter or Litigation Case page, open the matter you want by clicking on its name or ID.


All emails related to this specific matter can be sent and tracked under the Emails tab on the matter's page.


Click on Compose to start a new message.

First, connect your email to Lexzur. Choose either Gmail or Office 365, and sign in with your email address

Your client's email will be automatically retrieved if it is already included under the client's general information.

Choose the subject of your email and the message you wish to send, then click the attach button to attach either a file from your computer or any Lexzur Documents.

Choose the Folder from which you want to select your files, select the documents, and press Attach. When attaching files from Lexzur documents, the system will now default to the attachments tab associated with the specific matter or contract, however you can still choose to select from iDocs or from the company documents. 

Additionally, users can preview attachments directly within the email drafting process. Clicking on an attachment will convert it to a PDF format, which can then be conveniently previewed in a pop-up window, regardless of the original file type—be it an image, document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

Moreover, you can create and use email templates to increase efficiency and standardize emails sent from the system.

Learn how to customize matter email templates from here

All the related emails will be then tracked on the matter's page, and you can also take direct actions from here such as Reply, Reply All, or Forward the Email.

For more information on LEXZUR, reach out to us at

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