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  • How to Use the Document Generator in LEXZUR


  • Generate a document using a predefined template


The Document Generator allows you to create complete documents based on a list of variables that you should define in your template.

Start by creating a folder in LEXZUR iDocs Module for the document templates.

Upload your template .docx file to the folder that we just created. The template should be based on %% character as the key for your variables, for example  (%%Name%%). Those variables will be displayed on a form.

Then, go to the System Settings  → Attachments section → Choose "Document Generator Templates Folder"

Set the Path for the folder that we created in the first step. Choose the folder that contains the document templates.

Now, in the Attachments tab click on the 3 dots option and click to generate a document from template.

 Select your template file

Your variables will be displayed, then fill out the form and Generate the document. 

The document will be generated in your current folder.

For more information about LEXZUR, kindly reach out to us at

Thank you!

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