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  • How to Setup and Configure Contra Settings


  • Allow Contra features
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In LEXZUR, you have the ability to set up your Contra settings to match your business needs.

To do so, navigate to the Action Wheel→ System Settings → Setup and Configuration.

In the setup and configuration page, click on the Contract/Document default values tab.

Here, you can enable contra features and set default values such as:

  • Allow feature "SLA Management": This feature enables you to define a target time duration for different workflow statuses.

  • Allow ID Configuration: This feature allows you to add different prefixes to your contract ID.
  • Allow Feature "Link Statuses": The ability to link workflow statuses to both the approval center and the signature center.
  • Archive Status: Archive contracts with the workflow defined in the default values automatically.
  • Private by Default: Set the contracts created private by default. Only the contract creator and assignees are able to view it.
  • Privacy per Assigned Team: Contracts will only be visible to the members of the assigned team.

In addition to enabling the Hijri Calendar in contracts, allow some types of contacts such as board members, shareholders, and roles to be involved in the signature or approval process.

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