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The Billing Module in LEXZUR allows you to set your credit and debit note number prefixes for the organization and categorization of the billing processes. 

To do so, open the Billing Settings( Billing→Advanced→ Settings), then choose Credit Note Number Prefix from the Invoices section:

Here you can include a unique alphanumeric prefix before the sequential number.

Additionally, LEXZUR offers the functionality of a Secondary Credit Note Prefix. This feature allows users to further customize credit note numbering based on specific criteria, such as client type, location, or any other preferred identifier. By enabling the Secondary Credit Note Number Prefix, you can create distinct numbers for different categories of clients or regions.

Similarly, to set the Debit Note Number Prefix, select the option from the Invoices Settings section, and set the desired prefix.

The system will then allow you to easily select the desired credit note prefix type when creating a credit note.

These prefixes will be visible on the credit note and debit note number once it is generated.

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