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  • How to Manage Matter Reminders


  • Add Reminders Related to a matter


The reminders tab includes all the reminders associated with the matter. This tab includes reminder details such as reminder date, time, type, user to remind, and so on.

Reminders can be added through the Actions button -> Add New Reminder

There are 5 mandatory fields: Reminder type, remind on date and time, notify before, the user to remind and a summary.

  • Reminder type: A list that can be customized on the fly.
  • Remind on: Set the specific date and time for the reminder.
  • Notify before: Choose the timeframe (day, week, or month) and select notification preferences (reminder popup, email, or both).
  • User to remind: Specify the user for the reminder.
  • Summary: Provide a summary
  • Then save.

You can also Export the list of Reminders by clicking on Actions→ Export to Excel

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