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  • How to Manage Litigation Stages


  • Manage Litigation stages


The stages and activities tab includes the different Litigation Case stages with the associated litigation information. The information includes court type, court region, client position, and so on.

You can change a litigation stage by clicking on the Actions button -> Change Stage, and set the new stage as the “to”.

At the top of this window, you can enter the court reference number, which is issued by the courts.

You can also enter other data:

    • Client position: the position of your client in this new stage
    • Stage status: the status of the stage
    • Judgment date: Once judged, this date can be set.
    • Opponent(s): Select who the opponents of this stage are, and what their positions are. 
    • Court Details:


  1. Court Type: Based on the case type ex. Criminal Courts, Economy, Finance, etc.

  2. Court Degree: Based on the stage, ex. First Instance Court, Court of Cassation, High Courts

  3. Court Region: The area this court is located in.

  4. Court: The name of the court itself.

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