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  • Manage Journals


LEXZUR's Billing module allows you to manage your journals.

To access the list of journals, click on "Advanced" → "View Journals". 

Via the action wheel next to the Journal, the user can Print, View/Edit, Clone, or Delete a Journal.

In Advanced Search, the user can run the search based on a specific entity relevant to the Journal form, i.e. Journal ID, date, Amount, and more.

There is a possibility also to modify the operator of the search for each field (i.e. equal, not equal, start with, contains, >, <, and more). The Advanced Search menu is hidden by default; the user needs to click on the link Advanced Search to unhide it.

Moreover, you can export your journals to Excel from the Actions button.

For more information about LEXZUR, kindly reach out to us at

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