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Lexzur offers capping management at both the Matter and Client levels.

At the Matter level:

  • Open the matter page and navigate to the "Settings" tab.

  • From the "Capping" tab, users can activate capping as needed, set the cap amount, and choose whether to allow or prevent exceeding that amount.
The matter must be linked to a client to activate capping.

Once activated, the cap will apply to all billable time entries and expenses for that matter.

You can track the remaining capped amount and the spent amount on time and expenses using the money widgets visible on each matter page.

Users will receive a warning if the cap amount is exceeded when recording time or expenses.

You can reset the capping amount after invoicing from the settings default values.

(Go to System Settings→ Setup & Configuration→ Default Values)

At the Client level:

  • Open the client page from Contacts→ All Clients and click on the client ID

  • Go to the settings page.

  • From the "Capping" section, enable capping and specify a limit for all time logs and expenses linked to that client.

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