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  • How to Edit Hearings


  • Edit a hearing (Postpone/Modify Information/Set Judgement)


After attending the hearing, it is necessary to update its details.

Navigate to the "Hearings" button, within the Stages and Activities tab, and select the specific hearing -> click on the three dots -> View/Edit.

In LEXZUR, hearings follow one of two paths:

1. Judgment Released:
- Click on the "show more" hyperlink.
- Input the judgment date, which may be the same as the hearing date.
- Specify the judge's issued judgment and the ordered value.
- Add details about the hearing outcome and provide reasons for a Win or Loss.
- Optionally, include any comments or a hearing summary and attach relevant documents.


2. Judgment Postponed to the Next Hearing:
- Enter the postponed date and time for the subsequent hearing.
- Specify the Reasons for Postponement.
- Include any additional comments or a hearing summary, and attach relevant documents. 

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