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After creating new bills, the next step might be the approval process. Therefore if you use an approval matrix, you can predefine it from the Billing Module settings, based on your business criteria and rules.

To do so, go to the  Billing Module, then click Advanced→ Settings.

From the Bills section, choose Bills Approval Center

You will be able here to modify or add new approval centers

To add a Bill Approval Center, you must:

  1. Name the Approval Center
  2. Specify the Approval Conditions (for example Bill value greater than 2000)
  3. Select the Approvers (for example Head of Finance should approve the bill in the first order)

You can add as many approvers as you need, and for each one, you have to specify the label, the approver name, the order, and the user group if needed.

Now, once a new bill is created that matches the defined criteria, the Approval Status of the bill will be "Awaiting Approval" and the related approvers will receive a notification to approve the bill.

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