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Once you have added the matter, it will be accessible from the grid in the Corporate Matter module.

To access a matter, click on its name or ID in the grid. This will open the matter's profile, which is divided into multiple sections. 

Here you can capture all the information related to the matter, such as the matter's description, client, related people, dates information, etc... 

On this screen, you can effortlessly modify any general information by directly editing the fields. You can easily update workflow statuses to align with your matter process. Assigning the matter to a specific user, setting privacy preferences, and recording important developments or updates are all straightforward tasks. You also have the option to add a timestamp for easy reference.

Learn more about managing matters workflow here.

Additionally, Custom Fields offer a way to include additional information when no predefined fields are available. They allow you to customize and add specific data points that are relevant to your needs or unique requirements. 

From the matter's page, fill out your custom fields that have been defined previously.

Learn more about how to create custom fields here.

For efficient collaboration, you can outsource this matter to external Legal Practitioners, and mention the contributors working on the matter if any.

Learn more about how to outsource your matters and communicate with advisors on matters here.

Use the Notes section, to record all noteworthy updates on matters. You can record important information, including updates, by mentioning your team members to keep them informed.

Additionally, you can attach related documents directly within the internal notes.

Alternatively, you can save copies of relevant emails as notes using Outlook or Gmail Connect. This ensures comprehensive and centralized documentation of matter-related communications and updates.

In the end, you have the History section designed to monitor and record the modifications made to the primary fields of the Matter, including details about who made the changes and the corresponding timestamps and the matter stages details as well. This report could be exported to Excel.

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