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The Time Module in LEXZUR efficiently allows you to log and track time entries for various aspects of your legal work, including Matters, Tasks, and Contracts. It serves as your central hub for all time-related activities.

You have the flexibility to record your time manually by adding detailed time logs or using the integrated timer within LEXZUR for automatic time tracking.

You can create new entries directly from the Time Module, providing a visual calendar to track billable and non-billable hours efficiently.

Additionally, you can add time entries on the go using the Create button→Time Entry

There is also a dedicated time entries tab within Matters or Contracts, that allows you to add time related to these items directly from there.

To add a new Time Entry you must fill out some mandatory fields including:

  • The type (Matter, Task, or Contract)
  • Associated item name
  • Date (automatically set to the current date) and you can easily choose any other date.
  • The effort in hours.
  • If it's a billable entry, you'll also specify the related client name.

Beyond the essentials, you can include additional details like category and status. Time entries can be categorized as billable or non-billable, making it simple to invoice clients later for billable hours.

Administrators can associate the time entry with a specific user and set a user rate per hour. 

The rate value is calculated based on two types 'fixed' and 'system based' values which follow these priorities respectively: the rate per case or contract, rate per user, and default value of entity.

For a seamless tracking experience, LEXZUR offers an embedded timer. Start, pause, stop, or end the timer as you work, and your tracked time will be added to the list of time entries for the corresponding Matter or Contract.

You can easily manage the timer, from the clock icon on the top right of the navigation menu.

To start a new timer, you need to specify the type as well either matter, task, or contracts, and the name of the associated item. 

Once the timer starts, the timer icon will turn green indicating that it's counting your time. 

Click on the timer again if you want to pause or end it.

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