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  • How to Add Task Related to the Litigation Case


  • Insert a task related to the litigation case in the database


In LEXZUR you can add a new task via the Actions button in the Stages & Activities tab or via the Plus button in the Tasks section within each stage. 

There are 6 mandatory fields: Title, Task type, assigned to, requested by, priority, and due date.

  • Task Title: The title for this task.
  • Task Type: A list that can be customized on the fly.
  • Assigned to: LEXZUR User who is going to work on the Task. There is an "Assign to Me" quick button that automatically adds the logged-in user to the field.
  • Priority: A defined list. Priority serves the color coding on Task Boards
  • Due Date: When this task needs to be done. 
  • Notify me before: Add a reminder related to the task based on the due date and then press save.
  • Requested by: the user who requested for this task to be done, by default the logged-in user.
  • Add a Description: What is needed to be done on this task.
  • Related Matter: The associated matter is selected by default.
  • Stage: You can select the stage where you need to add the task for.
  • You can add more details or attach documents related to this task.


Once you add your task it will appear in the Stages & Activities tab by clicking on the tasks in each stage. 

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