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  • How to Reset Contract IDs


  • Reset Contract IDs per types and years.


Users now have the ability to reset Contract IDs based on specific criteria, such as type, year, or both, for Contracts created after activation.

To use this feature, access the System Settings page and navigate to ID Configuration under the contracts & documents section

Here, you can enable the Reset ID feature and select the Reset ID criteria

1. Per Year: Contract IDs will reset and start from 1 again each year when a new year begins.
2. Per Type: Different contract types will have separate ID counts. For example, Contract number 1 may exist for NDA, Purchase Agreement, or CLA, with IDs like CT-NDA-1 and CT-CLA-1.
3. Per Type and Year: IDs will reset based on both criteria. For each contract type, the ID will reset every year.

Choose the criteria that best suit your needs to effectively manage Contract/Document IDs in the system.

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