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  • How to Manage your Profile


  • Manage your profile in LEXZUR
    • Add/Update Basic, Personal, and Address information
    • Add Signatures
    • Set Out of Office
    • Change Password
    • Change System Language


Each user can manage his/her own profile easily. Click on your avatar at the top right of the navigation menu→ My profile.

From the Basic Information page, you can change your first name, last name, email, and any other basic user information.

The Personal Information page is where any additional information is provided including your job title, nationality, phone details, date of birth, and so on.

On the Address page, you can provide your address details (city, country, state,...)

Additionally, users can create their own signature within the system which can be used in signing contracts. This can be done from the Signatures page. 

Learn more about how to add your own signature here.

On the Integrated Applications page, you can manage your integration with Calendar and Email, either with Google, or Office 365.

You can sync your internal calendar within LEXZUR with Google or Office 365 Calendar to track all your meetings in one place 

Email integration allows you to send emails directly via LEXZUR from your email.

On the Walkthrough page, you can enable a walkthrough for different modules. This will help you in getting to know how to work on the system.

On the Out of Office page, you can assign an alternative assignee to receive what's newly assigned to you when you are out of office. All you have to do is to specify the assignee and the end date.

Learn more about the out-of-office feature here.

Additionally, users can change their passwords easily. Similarly from the avatar, they can access the change password page

Last but not least, you can choose the language that you want to use the system with, English, Arabic, French, etc....

For more information about LEXZUR, kindly reach out to us at

Thank you!

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