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When you purchase a specific number of licenses for products (either Core or Contra) and an employee using one of the licenses leaves the company during the subscription period, you can still utilize the same license for any new joiner. To do this, you must first deactivate the account of the previous user and add the new user's account.

Begin by navigating to the "Manage Users" page. From the top right corner of the screen click on the Settings icon→ Manage Users

Next to the user's name, click on the actions and select "Activate/Deactivate"

Once deactivated, you will notice a decrease in used licenses indicated at the top of the page, showing the total number of purchased and used licenses for both core and contra products.

The licenses are calculated based on the number of active users.

You can then add a new user with new credentials for the new employee without making changes to the old user's account or affecting the existing data.

Adding a new user is straightforward. Click on the actions to add a new user, fill in the necessary information, and save. 

The new user can now access and use the system normally, and you'll observe that the remaining license is now assigned to the newly added user.

It's important to note that deactivating a user doesn't mean deleting the account. You can still find it under the list of deactivated users. Click on "Advanced Search" and filter by status "inactive" to access the list of all deactivated accounts. 

Here, you can reactivate and manage them as needed.

Furthermore, all work related to the deactivated user will remain visible in the system. You won't lose any data, as the system will display an "(inactive)" message next to their name on all matters, cases, contracts, and any other items in the system they were assigned to or contributed to.

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