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In LEXZUR, adding reminders is a straightforward process that helps you stay organized and never miss an important task or deadline. 

To add reminders, you can do so effortlessly either from the "Create" button or directly from the respective module's page. This ensures that you can quickly create reminders without navigating through multiple pages.

 Click on the Create button → Reminder.

On the new reminders page, fill out the mandatory fields:

  • Reminder Type: Choose the appropriate reminder type from the drop-down menu. You can easily add new types by clicking on the "+" button located next to the selection.
  • Remind on: Select the specific date and time when you wish to receive the reminder.
  • Notify before: To receive a notification before the specified date. Additionally, you can decide whether you prefer a pop-up reminder or an email reminder accompanied by a pop-up.
  • User to Remind: Choose the relevant user who should receive the reminder notification.
  • Summary: Provide a summary or description of the reminder to ensure clarity and easy identification of its purpose.

You can repeat this reminder daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every 2 weeks, 3 months, and so on.

You have the ability to relate reminders to various elements such as matters, contracts, tasks, persons, or companies under more fields.

Reminders can also be created separately, allowing you to set personalized notifications for specific events or deadlines.

Once created reminders will be tracked under a separate page. Navigate to More→My Reminders. 

From this page, you can track and manage your reminders, edit, dismiss, postpone, and so on.

Moreover, each module features a dedicated "Reminder" page. This means that you can conveniently access all related reminders for a particular matter, contract, or task from one central location. This streamlines your workflow and helps you stay on top of important dates and commitments.

You will receive an in-app notification with the reminder, accessible through the reminder icon located on the right side of the navigation menu.

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