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Managing meetings in the mobile app is a simple and efficient process. You can easily schedule, organize, and track your meetings on the go. 

To add a new Meeting, Click on the "+" on the lower right side of the home screen, and choose Meeting

Enter the meeting details such as the Meeting title, Date, and time. You can also provide additional information such as the attendees, location, related matters, and so on.

You can add a description or agenda for the meeting to provide more context.

Then save the meeting to confirm and schedule it.

You can view your upcoming meetings from the Calendar, where they will be listed with their respective details.

Simply access the side menu by either clicking on the three-dashes button at the top left of the screen or swiping right, and click on Calendars.

Click on the selected date to open and view all the scheduled meetings

To make changes to a meeting, simply click on it to access the meeting details and update any necessary information.

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