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  • How to Manage Hearings in Mobile App


  • Add a new hearing.
  • Manage your hearings.


In Lexzur mobile, you can add new hearings on the fly. You can do so from the button at the lower right of the main screen.


Hearings can also be added from the related litigation case page:

You need to fill in the 2 mandatory fields:

  • Litigation Case: Choose the litigation case that you want to add this hearing to.
  • Date: The date of the hearing.

Additional fields include the assignee who attends the hearing, the lawyer's summary, time spent, and so on.

Hearings will be then tracked from the hearing page on the home page.

You can search for specific hearing/s either by applying filters or by writing the name of the hearing through the Search icon.

From the icons below each hearing, you can add an attachment, postpone the hearing to another date, and add a judgment with its value.

When clicking on a specific hearing, you can check all its details and the related documents, and edit their details when needed.

Also, from the 3 Dots available at the top right, you can add a judgment or record an expense.

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