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In Lexzur, contract templates are predefined questionnaires created based on your Word contract template, where certain variables change each time. This feature allows you to utilize the template to draft new contracts from scratch.

Templates are managed from the Contracts settings page, which you can directly access from the Contracts & Documents dropdown list in the navigation menu by selecting "Manage Templates." 

Upon signing in, default templates such as NDA, general employment, and sales agreement templates will be available for immediate use. 

If you want to add a new template, you can do so by clicking on the Add hyperlink.

Learn more about adding contract templates here.

All your templates will then be listed on this page, allowing for easy management:

  • Edit
  • Hide/Show from Client Portal: The template will no longer appear in the Client Portal when a client wants to request a contract
  • Clone: This feature will allow you to clone the contract with all of its values in one click
  • Delete

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