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  • How to Create Contra Folder Template


  • Automate the creation of contract folders.


Simplify your workflow by automating folder creation for contracts based on types. With this feature, every time you create a new contract, the system will automatically generate corresponding folders tailored to the Type of Contract you've chosen. 

To do so, navigate to the System Settings→ Contracts & Documents→ Folder Templates

Here you can predefine your own contract folders based on selected type of contract. You can edit or delete any previously defined templates as well.

Choose the types of contracts that the new template will be applied to, such as Consultancy Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and so on. You can select all contract types as well.

You can create, rename, delete, and edit folders by using the mouse right-click option:

Now, once you generate a new contract the system will automatically create corresponding folders tailored to the type you've chosen.

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