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  • How to Create Contra Predefined Forms

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There is a Default Form by the system to be used while uploading contracts in case you haven't created your own Form

Adding a new from form requires filling out some fields:

  • Document Form Name: Give this Form a name
  • Type: Specify the Type of Contracts related to the created form.
  • Page Titles: You can create as many pages as needed. 

Each page can contain many fields, which could be multiple fields

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You can include any field (system fields or custom fields


Additionally, there is now a default value option available to predefine a value for hidden fields within the form. 

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Moreover, you have the option to add a collaborator ) in addition to collaborator field when configuring contract forms. 


So, choose the fields you want, give them a display name, add a description when needed, and specify the required fields and the ones you wish to show or hide from the form as well.

For the hidden fields, you must predefine the default value.

Repeat the process for all the pages. Then save your changes.