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  • LEXZUR v9.10.0.0 Release Notes

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  • Introducing the Powerful BI Tool: Tailor Your Dashboards to Your Needs in Lexzur. Contact us for more details.
  • Unlock the power of efficient Matter addition and Contract approvals with our new email listener feature. See detailed guide.
  • Lexzur now offers users the ability to add custom email signatures directly from their profiles. See detailed guide.
  • Improving Lexzur Internal Signature to include its dedicated workflow, and supporting multiple signatures. See detailed guide.
  • Users can now customize the appearance of contract pages according to the types of contracts. See detailed guide.
  • Users can now hide empty contract fields based on the "None" value. See detailed guide.
  • Introducing Contract ID Reset Feature: Reset IDs by Types and Years. See detailed guide.
  • Users can now control advisor notifications and restrict editing of matters from the Advisor Portal. See detailed guide.
  • Users can now set a default contract name when none is provided. See detailed guide.
  • The email engine now supports forward and reply-all functionalities. See detailed guide.
  • A new Task Type filter has been introduced to the Task Kanban Board. See detailed guide.
  • Minor Bugs & Minor Improvements.